Ship Island Adventure In Mississippi Plymouth Rock Of The Gulf Coast

Dated: 06/25/2017

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Ship Island is located approximately 11 miles from Gulfport and Biloxi and has some of the best beaches in Mississippi. It has often been called the “Plymouth Rock of the Gulf Coast” because that is where many colonists first embarked upon entering America. It was discovered and named by French explorers in 1699 and has played an important role in several wars. During the War of 1812, 60 British ships met near the island in hopes of capturing New Orleans in the Battle of New Orleans. Then, during the Civil War, Admiral Farragut used Ship Island as a base to capture the ports in New Orleans and Mobile. The island was also used as a Confederate P.O.W. prison and was the base for the 2nd Louisiana Native Guard volunteers, who were one of the first African American regiments to fight in the Civil War. Check out the following link to learn more about the history of Ship Island:

In order to get to the island, you must take one of the Ship Island Excursion ferries, which takes you on a 50-minute ride during which you might see some exquisite marine life and Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The ferries are all U.S. Coast Guard licensed and inspected. Experience the beautiful beach and Gulf waters and, while there, be sure to visit Fort Massachusetts, a 19th century brick and granite fort designed to protect New Orleans from foreign invasion. The fort was abandoned by the federal government in 1900, but a 15-inch cannon still stands guard on top of the fort.

In order to more thoroughly enjoy your visit, go to the following link which will assist you in preparing for your trip to Ship Island.

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