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Yes, I'm from New Orleans so that makes me an authority, right?  I'd thought I'd share a few misconceptions about the Big Easy.

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#5. Mardi Gras equates to everyone getting drunk and showing their ta-tas. 

    This one drives me crazy! Most people don't know Mardi Gras is a fun, family event that lasts for over two weeks. Granted, Pops may have a cold brew in his hands while he tolerates the screaming crowds for his children but Mardi Gras is a family event. Kids absolutely love it! They dress up in some really creative costumes, catch more beads than their small necks can hold and dine all day on sticky cotton candy. It's great fun!

#4. Voodoo is a common practice.

    Ummm no, it's not. Everyone here has owned a voodoo doll FOR FUN at one time or another and we've probably even put a little "gris-gris" on whoever the Saints were playing that week but you have to dig deep to find the real voodoo-ists.

#3. Alligators are everywhere. 

Well, you might see one at the Zurich Golf Classic on the sports channel, our greatest fear is the flying cockroach. They're everywhere. I'd rather fight an alligator.

#2. The French Quarter is a self-indulgent, morally decaying place. 

    Absolutely NOT. Having lived in the French Quarter, I can attest to the tremendous energy of this area. It's full of stunning architecture, it's dense in history and it certainly doesn't lack for good food! The fabulous entertainment and rich jazz music send out a vibe that cannot compare with anywhere in the world. While the FQ has a few strip clubs, they don't make up then entire Quarter. There are award winning restaurants and wonderful museums in the French Quarter. It should be on everyone's bucket list!

#1. New OR-leens is the correct pronunciaton.

 "New OR-leens" is what movie producers want you to think we say. Actually,  true New Orleanians say "Newahlins" - yes, all one word. Whatever southern drawl you hear on TV, it's wrong...every time.

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Barbara, a native New Orleanian, works by the Golden Rule of treating people how she would like to be treated: with patience and a strong professional charisma. After 20+ years of living on the Norths....

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