The Kind Of Buyer You Are

Dated: 03/20/2017

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                                                                                            ARe YOu An A,B, or C buyer?   

  I want my motivation to match your motivation. Thismeans that if you need to buy a home today, you probably want me to call you every time a newhome becomes available that matches your needs

  Now, if you are not really in a hurry to buy,you probably do not want me to call you every time a new listing becomes available- perhaps themail or email would work better for you in this situation. Nevertheless, by reading this , you will help me make sure that I can match your motivation.As a buyer, you want a Buyer’s specialist who is active and really knows the market.  

1. I want to match properties with your specific buyer needs. 

2. I want to classify my buyers by motivation.  In order for me to focus on your real estate needs, I must first determine your motivation or your readiness to buy

 Since all buyers do not have the same needs, I categorize my buyers by motivation asfollows: 

 A Buyer: My highest priority buyer. These are people who have to buy a home. Ready, willing,and able to buy now. Either they have sold their home, transferred into town, or theirlease has expired. In many cases, they could potentially be homeless. 

 B Buyer: My second highest priority. These are people who are ready to buy, except they have ahome to sell first, have a lease to fulfill, or are in the stage of being preapproved. 

 C Buyer: My third highest priority. These people may buy a home when the right one comesalong.As you can see, if you are an A, B, or C buyer, it does not mean you are less important to me.Your needs are paramount. It only means I am working to find homes for my A buyer first,since they could be homeless. Remember, you could quickly become an A Buyer and becometop priority. I will always do my best to accommodate you. Should your motivation change atany time, please let me know, so I  may adjust my motivation to match yours. 

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Stephanie Mascaro

Stephanie, a mom and cycling junkie, has lived in places around the globe including Europe, South America, and Florida. Settling in Mandeville, she is well-equipped to work with clients of all culture....

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