The Secrets Of Master Sushi Chefs

Dated: 01/19/2017

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Becoming a master sushi chef is no small feat. Sometimes it takes years of training beginning with cooking rice to learning how to cut fish before a sushi chef gets his/her own sushi bar. The following information will explain some characteristics of the master chef as compared to the novice sushi chef. Because sushi, like French fries, is best when eaten fresh, the master sushi chef must learn how to multi-task to quickly prepare the sushi along with the other items in the sushi meal. Master chefs also learn that fish aromas can be very strong and must be compensated by adding ingredients such as ginger which help to neutralize the strong odor. Ginger, green onion and lemon juice on top of mackerel helps to minimize its odor. When dealing with live seafood, special skill is required to prevent the animals from secreting any hormones used as a defense mechanism when they feel threatened. Some of these animals include lobster, shrimp, mollusk and octopus. Great master sushi chefs must learn how to use every piece of the fish and be able to present it aesthetically.  As for the rice, excellent sushi chefs believe that the rice is as important as the fish and must be cooked to perfection. Each grain must be cooked evenly with the appropriate amount of vinegar and water. In fact, many sushi chefs consider the rice to be as important as the fish. Finally, a great sushi chef must be capable and willing to explain to customers the delicate art involved in sushi making. Click the following link for a discussion of sushi myths most people believe: chef-1209161_1920.jpg

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