How To Fix Peeling Paint

Dated: 10/29/2017

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For a professional looking paint job, everyone strives for a smooth, even surface that doesn’t have a repainted look. You see a little paint peeling, but how can you tell when it’s time to fix it? Follow this rule: When the area is too small to require stripping the entire wall and too large to ignore, then it is time to do some repairs. Here are the steps to follow along with some tips to help you fix the peeling paint:

  1. Materials Needed You should have a putty knife, paint scraper, wire brush, sander, wood putty (filler), and primer.

  2. Scrape away the edges of the loose paint with your paint scraper. Continue scraping until it becomes too difficult. Then it’s time to stop.

  3. Use the wire brush to remove the scrapings from the area, then scrape again. Repeat until you see no more paint peeling. Lightly sand the area until smooth.

  4. Putty Apply a thin layer of wood putty to spread along the area you have just prepared, and be sure to extend the putty beyond the area. This area will be sanded later on. Also, be sure to bend the putty knife so that the putty goes on a flat surface.

  5. Sand Wait about 2 hours to sand the wood putty. Ignore instructions telling you to wait a half hour to 45 minutes as this is not enough time for the wood putty to thoroughly dry. Then sand down the wood putty to a point where you can apply about 3 layers of paint. Be careful not to sand down to the wood because then you would have to reapply the wood putty and start all over again.

  6. Apply primer, then paint about 3 coats until it matches the other paint.

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